Château de Portets Christmas Fair 08.12.2017 at 5pm

An union between the GRAVES wines by Château de Portets, with the famous Cognac House MEUKOW, the foie gras by AQUITAINE-SELECTION (Bazas), Montillaud Fishery for its shad and lamprey, the elegance of the fancy jewlery by Valérie FEUGAS, purses by Cécile BIAIS, INOUITOOSH stoles and scarves, and ARTIGA table linens.

The Christmas Market is an opportunity to discover the scenography room and the film telling the history of the Château de Portets as well as the museum of trees of the 4 seasons, its interactive table which, with the help of the videos illustrates the geography and the history of the GRAVES, the work of the vineyard, the winery and the raising of the wine.
A gourmet cocktail is offered during this convivial evening.

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