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Share an moment with your children, to reconnect, have fun, be together, to talk, and to create family memories, a brief moment that can accomplish so many things..

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A Scavenger Hunt for Kids

A fun-filled way for kids to playfully learn about the history as well as the wine making process of the Château de Portets

An antique fortress dating from the Middle Ages, the château has a great many elements to spark the imaginations of children and adults starting with the château’s majestic 14th century tower that overlooks the Garonne river, a stately Renaissance style façade, a stone stair case, a paved grand courtyard, and finally the imposing wrought iron gates. Marie-Hélène Yung-Théron, the estate’s owner, hopes that this scavenger hunt benefit the whole family by providing an educational exploration of the estate.

Children over the age of 6 can embark on a discovery of the Château and its intricate history, architecture and geography; using their keen sense of observation and curiosity to answer the riddles on the scavenger map. After answering all the clues, the children are treated to a tasting of grape juice and will receive their diploma of completion. For parents who wish to complement their visit, it is then possible to taste the estate’s wines and or visit the cellars.

Independent circuit for the whole family in the Courtyard and the Château’s park.

Run time: Approximately 30 minutes

Price: 2 €