Our Story

" I was born here in this house, and have memories of my grandfather entering the courtyard telling me the history of the vines and the wines. He passed on his passion to me through his enthusiasm…we told each other that it was the "best trade in the world"...without a doubt. Every year I am on a path wrought with four seasons, rocked by the climate swells, as well as the truth of our senses and tastes.

It is thus that we find the family mark of one wine, of wine history...ours."

Marie-Hélène Yung-Théron


Discover a part of the Chateau daily life through the different articles written by the team.


Marie-Helene Yung-Theron: “The tasty and intense wine that we made by always focusing on elegance, represents for me the spirit of the magic place that is Chateau de Portets”.


The Chateau de Portets offers guided tours for general visitors, groups, field trips, and children. The site is entirely handicapped accessible. Winner in the category “Architecture and Landscapes” of Best of Wine Tourism in 2017, Chateau de Portets is trying to renew constantly in order to provide visitors with a special experience.

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