Oenovisa - Graves and Sauternes wine tourism passport - 4th seasone saison

Passeport Oenovisa extérieur et intérieur

Oenovisa is a wine tourism passport that brings together 10 wine estates (both grands crus classés and family estates) in the Graves and Sauternes regions. Our wineries, committed to wine tourism, have decided to join forces to propose a common offer. What's the aim? To enhance the value of our region while promoting it to visitors.


With Oenovisa, wineries become destinations in their own right, and visitors become part of the Oenovoyageur community. 

This year, 2023, we celebrate the 4the (Re)discover the concept and new features of our wine tourism passport!

The concept remains the same...

Our aim is to reward visitors for every excursion they make to the vineyards and encourage them to continue their discovery of the region. Graves and Sauternes territory.

Visuel détaillant le concept et le fonctionnement du passeport Oenovisa

The Oenovisa gifts are bottles from participating châteaux as yet unknown to the ŒnoVisa holder. The passport can be purchased individually or for a group, and a stamp is awarded for a total expenditure of €50 at each château.

With a few new features!
  1. The Oenovisa's web site is updated with a few refreshments.
  2. The Oenovisa is no longer limited in time! Previously, it was only valid for one year. Since this year, you can keep it for as long as you like, so you can take the time to discover all our properties!
  3. The interior of the Oenovisa has been slightly modified with the addition of the La Bulle Verte on Chateaux with this type of tour. This is a low-carbon tour. The one at Château de Portets is called "A port on the Vine". You can discover it here ici.
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