Marie-Helene Yung-Theron takes considerable attentiveness and great expertise when making the wines of the Chateau de Portets. With the help of her team and her consulting oenologist, she closely oversees the vineyard and vinifications. The harvest is partly hand-picked and the rest is harvested by machine. After the harvest, the grapes are sorted by hand and put into temperature controlled tanks. The estate uses the technic of a cold prefermentation maceration, meaning that the grape must is kept at a low temperature over the first few days to accentuate the red fruit aromas. The water treatment station treats the wastewater that comes from the many different winemaking tasks starting with harvest and ending with the wine’s bottling. Starting with the 2012 vintage, a perfect harmony of enologist Christian Sourdes and consulting enologist Antoine Medeville, help to guide Marie-Helene Yung-Theron in her actions to distinguish and blend, the best of the wines worthy of the name “Chateau de Portets”. Since this partnership, the Chateau de Portets wines have been selected each year for different wine agricultural awards as well as being recognized in the Guide Hachette.